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Making my own sushi at YO! Sushi, Sushi School at Intu Metrocentre

YO! Sushi Sushi School experience

The other week I got invited to YO! Sushi at intu Metrocentre for Sushi School, I didn't even know Sushi School was a thing so I was really excited to go! I really love sushi although I don't eat a lot of fish, the chicken and tofu susi is two of my favourite types so I was looking forward to learning how to recreate it. At home there was no way I was going to attempt to make sushi without some expert help, and now I feel like I've learnt enough to recreate it at home. I can go quite a long time before I ever get to go out for sushi, so being able to do it myself sounds perfect!

YO! Sushi Sushi School experience

What do you learn to make?
- Avocado Maki
- Vegetable Yasai Roll
- Salmon Yigiri
- Kaiso Gunkan
- Salmon & Avocado Hand roll
- Mini ISO

How much is Sushi School?
It's £30 per person or £50 for two. You book the classes online on the YO! Sushi website, or you can even book a private class. Which FYI would be a perfect date idea! 

YO! Sushi Sushi School experience

What happens in Sushi School?
The class as a whole is around an hour and a half to two hours, probably depending on how many people are there and how good you all are. The chefs start off by showing you step by step how to make the dish before you're set off yourself. They then come around and help you and giving you a choice of ingredients/spices etc.

We started off making the Mini ISO, which was my favourite. You have your bowl of rice and Nori, which you squish down onto the Nori to make the roll itself, adding spices along the way. You then add your ingredients, which we added breaded chicken and avocado (best combo), but there is lots of others to add in whether you're a veggie, vegan etc. 

We then made the Cucumber Maki, which was another hand rolled piece, two hand rolls - one salmon and one with tofu and then a Salmon Nigiri. None of us were brave enough to try crab sticks so we skipped that one, though in a public group you may just get to make it regardless. 

YO! Sushi Sushi School experience

Take away!
Once you've sat and made all your sushi, it gets all packed up into a take away box and you can take it to eat. Which, was 100% the best part. Is it just me or does things you make yourself taste 10x nicer?? We also got to take home our bamboo matt so I can make it at home. I'm yet to try it out at home, but I definitely will be trying it some time soon. Maybe for a girls night in, as long as it doesn't turn out terribly. You also get given a handbook to take home which has all the ingredients and instructions in for how to make everything again.

YO! Sushi Sushi School experience

We were all quite impressed with how our sushi looked, I mean some of mine were questionable, but I think some looked like a pro! If you're not a sushi master, the hand rolls are a lot easier to make. Well I say easier, my first one was terrible, but my second one wasn't so bad! Nothing a little bit of chilli powder and sesame seeds can't hide!

This is the first time I've ever been to a cooking type class, I would love to be able to do more little workshops like this. Maybe I should try something like flower arranging next? I love trying out all the food venues in the Metrocentre slowly, I recently tried out Wagamama's vegan menu and Ask Italians vegan menu and loved it, now where should I try next!

Is this something you would like to try doing? 

YO! Sushi Sushi School experience

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